We would like to thank the following people and organizations for their valuable ideas, contributions, and support through the years. Thanks, guys!

Paul Anderson
Scott Berkenfield
Todd Berkenfield
Randy Coffman
Aaron Dick
Hugh Dougher
Butch Farabee
Gary Ferguson
Malcolm Foster
Ken Herron
Ken Hill
Dan Hourihan
Gordy Kito
Chuck McHugh
Jim O'Brien
Dan Oltrogge
Val Paleski
Rob Palmer
Dave Perkins
Bev Perry
Ken Phillips
George Pope
Art Pundt
Mykle Raymond
Robert Reynolds
George Rice
Pete Roberts
Ginny Rousseau
Marty Schaeffer
Matt Smith
Kevin Sweere
Bil Vandergraff
Bill Wade
Alan Washburn
Josh Waters
The SAR Personnel of the Grand Canyon National Park
The Catalina Commodore Computer Club (CCCC)
The National Association For Search And Rescue (NASAR)
The Pima County Sheriff's Department
The Southern Arizona Rescue Association (SARA)
The University of Arizona.

We particularly thank the first field testers of Win CASIE III, the participants of the Search Management Training course given at the Grand Canyon National Park in September 2006.

We also thank

Gabriel Cossette
Trish Cox
Jeff Hasse
Al Juliano
Joseph LaBelle
Del Morris
Leta Parker
Ed Philpott

for assistance with debugging Win CASIE III,

Gary Hessberger

for creating the Win CASIE III logo,

Henry Cortez Wu

for permission to use the source code from his program, MagnifierXP, as the basis for our Magnifier code, and

Paul Welter

for making his NetSpell code freely available, which is the basis of our spell checker.

In addition, we thank

Joe DeCormis
Shawn Degan
Eric Johnson
T.J. Price
Jeremy Ramirez
Steve West

who comprised the Search and Rescue Unit of the Pima County Sheriff's Department, for suggestions and for unearthing bugs during an 8-hour Win CASIE III workshop held in Tucson in June, 2007.