What is Win CASIE III?

Win CASIE III (WC3) is a toolkit designed for incident commanders conducting searches for subjects lost in the wilderness. This Search And Rescue Management software is free and is co-authored by the late John M. Bownds, Michael J. Ebersole, David Lovelock, Daniel J. O'Connor, and Richard J. Toman. It runs under Windows XP and above, provided the free .NET Framework is installed—which is usually the case.

What can Win CASIE III Do?

During a Route and Location Search, which is the usual type of search conducted during the initial response phase of the incident, WC3 can

  • Access and print many search management forms, such as ICS forms, Lost Person Questionnaire, Urgency Rating Chart, Clue Report, Clue Log, etc.
  • Import other forms and download forms from NIMS.
  • Provide summaries of lost person behavior (LPB).
  • Complete an Urgency Rating Chart.
  • Suggest investigative leads.
  • Keep a complete record of planning decisions and actions using an Initial Note. This can include subject details, urgency rating chart, resources used, resources requested, ICS structure, LPB, subject found details, etc.

During an Area Search, WC3 can

  • Print consensus forms to be filled in by experts.
  • Calculate consensus from the consensus forms.
  • Keep a complete record of the consensus.
  • Print debriefing forms, team assignment sheets, etc.
  • Do all the POA, ROW, POD, and CPOD calculations.
  • Split segments.
  • Add segments.
  • Account for clues.
  • Perform "What If?" analysis.
  • Give advice on the allocation of resources to optimize the probability of success.
  • Keep a complete record (an audit trail) of planning decisions and actions.
  • Create a final report of every action taken.